How to use: Step by Step Guide:

You have the freedom to blend whatever you want, whenever you want!

1. Charge your blender with our USB cable until the light ring shows. This usually takes approximately 1 hour.

2. To clean your blender, fill half way with ice and water, add a little soap and rinse.

3. To use your blender, ensure that the arrows on the rear of the jar and base are aligned.

3.1. Add your liquid, then finely cut and add your solids, do not overfill. 

3.2. Tighten the lid, turn the blender upside down to reach maximum rotational speed and press the button to blend.

Enjoy your blend!



- Your blender can be charged using most USB ports. Whether that would be a computer, phone charger, or even in your car.

- Charging time takes approximately 1-3 hours.

- If a red button appears on your blender, you have low battery.



- Clean your blender by adding water and kitchen detergent, then press the switch button and start to blend. We do not recommend putting your blender in the sink/dishwasher because water would enter the USB port.  



- If a red and blue light flash, it may mean the magnetic strip of the blender body is not aligned to the switch button. In order to fix it, simply rotate the blender body until the magnetic strip is aligned with the switch button. 

- If a red light flashes when you press the switch button, it is likely that your blender needs charging. 


Additional Information:

- Liquids that are hot are not suitable for your blender.

- Do not place your hand in the blender when it is active because the blade could damage your hands (not suitable for children). 


Do and do not section:

- Do not overfill.

- Do not put your hands in blender when active.